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Hibernation’s Over

posted by Jay

Hibernation’s Over

I guess I can come out of my hibernation now, I’ve been in a state of hibernation (depression) the last few months; with the factory I work at being bought for 1$ and the new owner having a reputation of past companies he’s ran going bankrupt; he handed down a 10% pay cut in his first week in the plant. When I finally get out of this company I hope I never have to work in another factory again in my life.

The new year brings me to a new direction in life, I’m not one to get down and depressed for to long. Me and my wife have decided that I should get back into truck driving as soon as I can. I’m taking down my resumes from all the career sites and steering away from the computer field all together. I’ll get back into something I have years of experience in doing and I used to love doing it. My new goal is to own my own truck in a few years. Yeap; I hope to be an owner operator this time around in my trucking career. It will be hard on the family at first especially the baby but I think after a few months they all will adjust to me not being home everyday and soon see it is for the best that we make this change. I love my wife and kids and hate the idea of missing out on stuff that goes on at home, but sometimes we have to sacrifice a little to get ahead in life, so I think it’s for the best in the long run.

Soon this blog will be mobile and I will post from the road on my trials and tribulation of trucking.

Cheers all Wink