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(: Yeah! I’m Still Kickin :)

posted by Jay

Looks like I got some work to do on this site, some resent updates I made has broken my image gallery and some links. Will have a new theme up pretty soon and hopefully can find the bug causing my images not to show correctly. I’m thinking about a whole new site with a gallery, blog, recipes, and more but thats aways down the road.

Also I’ve been trying to write about where I’ve been and what has happened to me over the last few months but it’s difficult to get the words right when I sit down and start typing. I’ve had some life altering experiences and need to share them as that would be like therapy to me. I’m off the road and home so I got plenty o time to fix this old place up.

Cheers Beer

Jay Wink

(UPDATE) got the more / continue links fixed.

(UPDATE 2) fixed the images loading properly now so galleries are browse-able again.

(UPDATE3) fixed the slideshow, now it has some controls to navigate images.


I Hate The Grey Dog Bus

posted by Jay

Did I mention I hate the grey dog bus

Springfield –> St Louis; The first part of the trip wasn’t bad the bus only left half an hour late and the driver had a good since of hummer and kept everybody in good spirits… the biggest problem I have is I’m 6’4″ tall so sittin in them little seats all scrunched up for 3 hours really sucks I finally let my legs dangle out in the isle in order to get some shuteye…

St. Louis –> Indianapolis; we was supposed to layover an hour here but being an half hour late you would think there would only be a half hour delay but nope we leave a half hour late again… at least I got the seat in the front the one that has mucho leg room… we stop in Effingham for a scheduled break well the 15 min break turned into a 30 min break so we are even later now… I gotta hand it to the driver though we hit some really slick roads and he kept it under control while the cars and trucks where hitting the ditches we had rubber on the road…

Indianapolis –> Cincinnati; late again getting out of the gate it would seem the bus we was supposed to take broke so they dug up an ancient bus from the graveyard to replace it… while waiting for the bus to warm up someone on the bus we just got off of had a seizure so that took precedence over everything… everywhere signs say no alcohol use permitted but the guy in the seat in front of me didn’t seem to care he slammed some beer and other shit down before the driver got on the bus so this part of the trip was kinda fun… well off we go shake rattle roll this bus is a real POS… I listened to mr drunky mull over the meaning of the word huge for an hour stuff like “really big is huge so all of Indiana is huge” “that house is huge” “that field is huge” “it’s really big so it’s huge” and then he starts turning to the empty seat next to him and has a conversation with nobody… this guy was pretty entertaining the hole trip went by kinda of quick for this part…

Cincinnati –> Lexington; imagine this, the departure here is late, seems to be following a pattern, and the major problem again is the bus we where supposed to take was broken so again (another pattern) they find the biggest POS they can and get started & bring it in… the baggage people in Cincinnati are some brutle mofo’s with the bags, a couple people filed complaints about some broken and torn bags and stuff… this was one scary freakin ride this bus driver almost got us hit pulling out of the terminal drive way and this driving pattern persisted all the way to Lexington… we saw several trailers close up I mean inches away from the windows, this was way to close for me… I heard the rumble of the rumble strips way to much as well but despite the white knuckle ride we made it to Lexington where I almost kissed the ground when I stepped of the buss…

A few observations:
I have one advantage over most of the people riding the bus and that is I don’t have a since of smell so I don’t have to put up with odor some of these people are bound to have…

Also I noticed there seem to be a lot of lesbians that ride the bus (I have no problem with lesbians this is just an observation), I seen several girls trying to look like guys in every terminal we went to…

The lead baggage guy in indy was a cool dude to, I think he was Jamaican he had that cool ascent and stuff… he seemed to take pride in the work he was doing so kudos to him… he treated everybody with respect even if they weren’t being nice…

Well I must be off…
Gotta go see the doc tomorrow, wish me luck…



Back Home I Go

posted by Jay

Evidently I now have high blood pressure so I can’t get in to the training program at Prime. I have never had high blood pressure in my life so why now do I find my self in this mess; I’m going to see my doctor Friday to see what he say’s about it. I had it checked two weeks ago when I had a physical done and it was 134/87 yesterday it was 158/106 this morning it was 144/100, It has to be less than or equal to 139/99. They say I can come back in 30 days if I have three good readings in a row so all isn’t lost.

The good  news is I get to see my wife and kids who I miss very much, the bad news is I am now jobless and I am so screwed, I can’t draw unemploment because I quit my last job and I never got hired at Prime so I can’t collect nothing there either, I guess I will figure something out. This is just more proof that if there is a god he hates me.



Last Post From Home

posted by Jay

This will be my last post from home, at least for a few weeks. I head out Monday morning; I’m scheduled to pick up my rental car at 9:00 Monday morning and then it’s off to Springfield, MO for orientation and paperwork shuffle on Tuesday and then getting with an instructor to train and get my CDL back, it’s going to be a crazy week this week.

I’m gonna miss my wife & kids so much they just don’t know, hopefully I’m doing the right thing with going back over the road. I’ll never know if I don’t try so I am going to try like hell to make this a successful as I can.

I’m not one to be long winded so I must be off;  the next post will be from who knows where.

Cheers Wink