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Happy Anniversary Babe!

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I love you so much, here is a poem for you…

At times the days seemed so long, I thought I’d never make it through,
Then suddenly, out of a dream, I have met someone like you.
I had locked up all my feelings and I’d thrown away the key,
Until your heart spoke a thousand words I knew were meant to be.
When times turned rough and lonely, and despair fell upon my face,
You comforted me and kept me safe in that loving special place.

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Happy St. Paddy’s Day

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Clover Liquor Beer Clover Happy St. Paddy’s Day!!!!!!!!!!!!! Clover Beer Liquor Clover

I made it past my blood pressure check today. hip hip hora!!!

I just pray my wife and kids do ok with this move, I’m gonna miss them so much, this is easily the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do in my life.

With the luck of the Irish maybe I will be paired with a trainer this week and be re-training next week. Later, I must be off.

Cheers Beer

Jay Smile


Again, Off I Go

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Today I’m off to the bus station to catch a ride to Springfield, Mo. Yep I’m going back and hopefully this time things will go better for me. My blood pressure has been good for three weeks now so I am confident that this trip will be a lot better. With any good luck I will pass my physical and get a trainer this week so I can finally get back to truck driving. Please send good thoughts and prayers my way that this works out for me because I need all the help I can get in the luck department.

Cheers all Beer

Jay Wink


Mini Foxy Cleopatra

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OK, this baby has some wild hair. What are we gonna do with her? Smile

She’s like a mini Foxy Cleopatra.


Just a couple hours ago.


More pics are in the Family Gallery, link is on the top menu bar.

Cheers Beer

Jay Wink


Another Good BP Day

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Woohoo!!!!!!!!!!! Today my blood pressure was 126/74 so I feel gooooooooood!!!!!!!!!


Funny Stuff

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Yippee Ki-yay it’s a Good Day!

posted by Jay

Well, I went to the doctors office to get my blood pressure checked today and it was 137/78, yeah me! Clap  So all I need to do now is get two more weeks with readings like that or better and I am all set. They also told me my blood work came back normal so I’m doing good there as well, I really feel good in general and I can’t wait to get back to work. It would really be nice if a computer job opened up but I wouldn’t be disapointed to go back driving either, I’m just ready to go to work again. Smile

Cheers Beer

Jay Wink


10 things I will miss!

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Here’s a list of 10 things I will miss when I go over the road.

10. Trailer park girls walking around the neighborhood in their tight jeans. (Cold Weather).
09. Trailer park girls walking around the neighborhood in their tight little shorts and tank tops showing off their cute butt’s and perky boob’s (Warm Weather).
08. If I need something I can just hop in the Jeep and go get it.
07. Having free time everyday to spend doing nothing.
06. Going to Best Buffet Chinese restaurant at least once a week.
05. The Chinese girls at the Chinese restaurant.
04. My dogs (what more can I say).
03. Playing on my computer and surfing the web every night.
02. Getting a cold beer when I come home from work and want to relax and take it easy.
01. My Wife and Kids, I will be lost without my wife around, this will be the hardest thing to overcome.

Cheers Wink




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Here’s a happy girl that get’s to play in the snow.


Here’s a sad girl that has to go in side.


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Well; today I was excepted to go train at a trucking company called Prime it’s  in Springfield, MO. I haven’t set a date yet put I will probably go in about a month from now. I hate to have to start out at ground zero in my driving career again because I have six years of OTR driving experience, but that was ten years ago and I let my CDL expire so I guess I have to start over. I’m pretty excited about this new opportunity and scared shit-less at the same time. It’s clear I can’t stay at the factory I’m at now, evan if they manage to stay open I can’t work for what my pay has been cut down to, my pay has been cut back to what I was making 5 years ago(not just my pay was cut, it was a company wide pay-cut). If I stay there I will end up like they bitter old people I work with and I really don’t want that to happen.

Cheers Wink