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Back Home I Go

posted by Jay

Evidently I now have high blood pressure so I can’t get in to the training program at Prime. I have never had high blood pressure in my life so why now do I find my self in this mess; I’m going to see my doctor Friday to see what he say’s about it. I had it checked two weeks ago when I had a physical done and it was 134/87 yesterday it was 158/106 this morning it was 144/100, It has to be less than or equal to 139/99. They say I can come back in 30 days if I have three good readings in a row so all isn’t lost.

The good  news is I get to see my wife and kids who I miss very much, the bad news is I am now jobless and I am so screwed, I can’t draw unemploment because I quit my last job and I never got hired at Prime so I can’t collect nothing there either, I guess I will figure something out. This is just more proof that if there is a god he hates me.


Two weeks ago today I came home after working 12 hours sat down and started to relax a little, and I hear a skidding sound then a bam, someone missed a stop sign and nailed my Jeep in the side. I get up throw on some sandals run outside to see whats going on and a car takes off. So hear I am wearing nothing but pants and sandals running up the road trying to see the licence plate number but it was to dark and I couldn’t see it, so I holler at my wife to throw me her keys and I jump in and take off trying to see where the car went but I didn’t find it. The car finally returns after about ten minutes or so. A stupid young bimbo gets out apologizing saying I just tapped it; it ain’t bad; I just tapped it. Even in the dark you could see it was more then a tap, the side of the Jeep was pushed in pretty bad. the cops come and take a report and I get the bimbo’s info for the insurance and call it a night. The next day I get an estimate of $4000 , expensive tap. I take the car drop it off at the body-shop five days later the insurance company calls saying the Jeep was a total loss, they said that the body-shop found an additional $1100 in damage at tear-down. I owe $9900 and their paying me $8300 the resale value of the Jeep, so now I’m in the hole with the loss of vehicle still owing over $1600 to the bank and I don’t have GAP insurance to cover this. I don’t know what I’m going to do, I need a dependable car for me and my family to use, I can’t afford to pay $1600and a new car payment, I am so screwed. I don’t know if there is a god or not but if there is he sure does hate me and my family. Anyway I guess that’s enough crying for one night.

Oh yea, on this same night my son fell and broke his arm, poor little feller.

Cheers Wink