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Another Good BP Day

posted by Jay

Woohoo!!!!!!!!!!! Today my blood pressure was 126/74 so I feel gooooooooood!!!!!!!!!


Yippee Ki-yay it’s a Good Day!

posted by Jay

Well, I went to the doctors office to get my blood pressure checked today and it was 137/78, yeah me! Clap  So all I need to do now is get two more weeks with readings like that or better and I am all set. They also told me my blood work came back normal so I’m doing good there as well, I really feel good in general and I can’t wait to get back to work. It would really be nice if a computer job opened up but I wouldn’t be disapointed to go back driving either, I’m just ready to go to work again. Smile

Cheers Beer

Jay Wink


Back Home I Go

posted by Jay

Evidently I now have high blood pressure so I can’t get in to the training program at Prime. I have never had high blood pressure in my life so why now do I find my self in this mess; I’m going to see my doctor Friday to see what he say’s about it. I had it checked two weeks ago when I had a physical done and it was 134/87 yesterday it was 158/106 this morning it was 144/100, It has to be less than or equal to 139/99. They say I can come back in 30 days if I have three good readings in a row so all isn’t lost.

The good  news is I get to see my wife and kids who I miss very much, the bad news is I am now jobless and I am so screwed, I can’t draw unemploment because I quit my last job and I never got hired at Prime so I can’t collect nothing there either, I guess I will figure something out. This is just more proof that if there is a god he hates me.



To Much Info!

posted by Jay

Ok this falls under the category of to much info, but this is my blog so I’m gona say it anyway.

If your a guy and you hear the term “it’s Epididymitis” I feel sorry for you, I recently got over a bout with this and I must say it was some major pain; some of the most pain I have ever felt in my life. It felt like I was being kicked in the nuts every time I moved or breathed or did anything, not only was it painful but it was very embarrassing going to the UTC to get checked out. Read the rest of this entry »