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Again, Off I Go

posted by Jay

Today I’m off to the bus station to catch a ride to Springfield, Mo. Yep I’m going back and hopefully this time things will go better for me. My blood pressure has been good for three weeks now so I am confident that this trip will be a lot better. With any good luck I will pass my physical and get a trainer this week so I can finally get back to truck driving. Please send good thoughts and prayers my way that this works out for me because I need all the help I can get in the luck department.

Cheers all Beer

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posted by Jay

Well; today I was excepted to go train at a trucking company called Prime it’s  in Springfield, MO. I haven’t set a date yet put I will probably go in about a month from now. I hate to have to start out at ground zero in my driving career again because I have six years of OTR driving experience, but that was ten years ago and I let my CDL expire so I guess I have to start over. I’m pretty excited about this new opportunity and scared shit-less at the same time. It’s clear I can’t stay at the factory I’m at now, evan if they manage to stay open I can’t work for what my pay has been cut down to, my pay has been cut back to what I was making 5 years ago(not just my pay was cut, it was a company wide pay-cut). If I stay there I will end up like they bitter old people I work with and I really don’t want that to happen.

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