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(: Yeah! I’m Still Kickin :)

posted by Jay

Looks like I got some work to do on this site, some resent updates I made has broken my image gallery and some links. Will have a new theme up pretty soon and hopefully can find the bug causing my images not to show correctly. I’m thinking about a whole new site with a gallery, blog, recipes, and more but thats aways down the road.

Also I’ve been trying to write about where I’ve been and what has happened to me over the last few months but it’s difficult to get the words right when I sit down and start typing. I’ve had some life altering experiences and need to share them as that would be like┬átherapy┬áto me. I’m off the road and home so I got plenty o time to fix this old place up.

Cheers Beer

Jay Wink

(UPDATE) got the more / continue links fixed.

(UPDATE 2) fixed the images loading properly now so galleries are browse-able again.

(UPDATE3) fixed the slideshow, now it has some controls to navigate images.

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